Sunday, June 1, 2014

Planning for Your Summer Move

You might think it's too early to get ready for your planned relocation this summer but think again. Summer is the busiest time for all moving companies, what they would call a "hot season" due to an overwhelming amount of moves they have to handle. Here are top 5 reasons why you want to book your summer move at least two months in advance -

- Reserve your spot. The main reason why summer months are a peak season for the moving industry is because many families prefer to relocate when their children, allowing for an easier transition. Some well-organized moms start shopping around for moving companies during the winter to ensure the best possible deals. No wonder popular moving companies are all booked up before the summer kicks and finding an available date could be an issue.
- Lock in a better deal. It's a common practice among moving service providers to have two pricing systems: off-season and peak season. When the demand for movers go up, so do the prices. However if you book your summer move early on, there's a chance that you will be given a quote in accordance with winter rates. Get your quote in writing and lock the low rate for your moving job. Some moving companies are not switching to higher pricing until April-May out of fear they won't get booked up for the summer - make sure to use it to your advantage.

- Book the exact date you want. Weekends go out first. So do the start- and end-of-the month dates when the new rent is due and families rush to change housing. If you don't want to be given a few random, middle-of-the week dates as the only availability, book your move at least 3-4 months in advance.

- Find the right company. If you start shopping around early, you have a choice our of numerous relocation companies. You can pick the most affordable movers, or the best-established company with a recognizable name, or the family-run business with a personal touch. The choice is yours. You also have time to explore, read reviews, post questions on moving forums. When you are scrambling to book a last minute move during a hot season, you are pretty much at a mercy of a few remaining companies that still have an availability, and the likelihood of picking a negligent, poor service company will increase.
- Use the extra time to get ready. Most people tend to postpone planning their move and packing until they set the date and book the movers. Knowing the date early on makes it more "real" in your mind , it's happening and you have a specific date for it as opposed to some abstract future that you needn't concern yourself with just yet. People who book their move early, start getting prepared early - selling or giving away the unneeded stuff, shopping for packing supply deals, decluttering and organizing their shelves and closets. And remember: the more ready you are for your move and the more packing you manage to do on your own, the less time movers will need to spend on your job, which will reduce your moving costs.

So even if it seems like summer is still a long way from now, it is never too early to plan for your upcoming move during the hot season. Getting ahead of the game will pay off on your moving date, with things going smoothly and stress-free due to your diligent advanced planning.

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